Winter Is Coming…

10 Oct

I had a customer the other day tell me that my hair was very, ‘Game of Thrones,’ so the title seemed apropos. But I’m not really talking about hair this time.

Winter is my favorite season. Winter is the time for silks and satin and velvet and all of the other wonderful things that I can’t afford but lust after anyway. Layering warm cable knit sweaters with silky camisoles, and breaking out my shin-length wool coat are the highlights of the season. This year, I’m bound and determined to NOT buy anything except new boots. I have plenty of warm, pretty winter things.

I’m more of a blue-and-white Christmas than the red-and-green sort (both of which clash horribly with pale-ruddy skin and red hair, but whatever), so I’ll have a lot of fun dressing up for work. I got the go-ahead from my department store’s national stylist (via Twitter) for bling and glam, so that’s what my winter will be made of.

Until Thanksgiving, I’ll keep it to golds and bronzes, with warm, earthy greens and orange for fall. I don’t believe in skipping a whole season just because someone snaps thier finger and ‘Jingle Bells’ starts playing. So fall first, then winter.

But trust me, I’m super excited for winter.


Looking Good in the Good-Looking Clothes

4 Oct

Recently, I joined a gym. I had always been envious of my old roommate and her friends, whom all were toned and svelte. I’m not chunky by any means, but there’s a (much) less-than-flat stomach that I am often self-conscious about, especially when I’m out with them.

So, I asked her for the address of her gym, and joined up. I’ve gone six times in the last three weeks, and I’m sore as heck. As I sit and, fifteen minutes into my elliptical workout, when I wind up completely winded, I watch my friends carry on with their workout for another hour and fifteen minutes, including treadmills, circuit machines, and ab floor work. I get exhausted just watching them, and sort of gape as they pull out the free weights, do push-ups, crunches, lunges, bicycles, and all sorts of other crazy moves to tone everything up.

I spent a lot of time once upon a time being jealous of these girls who seemed to never do anything. Turns out, they just do it at six in the morning while their less-in-shape friends gaze in horrified awe while they sweat on the elliptical, feeling like they’re not getting anywhere in comparison.

Work, Fashion, and Mutual Exclusivity

3 Oct

In case you haven’t yet gleaned from my various references to it, I work in a large department store. It’s one of the first of its kind. Stands out in its field like a big, red star. Ahem.

I work in the Junior’s/Impulse department, which is where all the cool kids shop for their Guess, Ralph Lauren Denim, and Kensie (none of which I knew about–excepting Guess–before working there. But oh well.) Our dress code when I started was all-black. We could have a colored shirt, as long as there was some sort of black cardigan or sweater over top. Recently, however, the dress code for my department was changed to allow us to wear “on-trend” clothes, as long as the bottoms were still dark-wash, if they were denim.

My problem is, while I’m a reasonably fashionable dresser, I do not follow the current “trend” in Juniors/Millenials fashion. I just bought a Guess shirt the other day (off the clearance rack for $5 with employee discount), does that count?

It’s hard to be on-trend with what we sell, when I can’t afford what we sell; and I’m a good enough employee that I want to try and keep my pushing limits to a minimum. Today I’m going to go buy a pair of dark jeans “similar to what we have available” (Levi’s are the only one I can afford), and maybe one of the sparkly embellished sweaters that are in this season. I wish I could afford one of the nice lace dresses that BCX has, but alas.

Other than that, though, it’s hard to be fashionable in other departments, too, when the dress code everywhere else is black. Black isn’t really “in” at the moment. Sure, I can dress things up in a classic style (black can always be classic, just not trendy), but it’s frustrating to have to tell customers, “Actually, no, we don’t have any plain black maxi skirts. Here is a tan and yellow geometric print one!”

An office job would be so much easier. I can dress professionally if I don’t have to wear all black/trendy, I promise!

In Japanese, “O-Hisashiburi” means, “Sorry I got super busy and haven’t posted in months.”

30 Sep

Actually, it is just a greeting you use when you’ve not seen someone in a long time, but it technically applies. Real life came up to kick me in the butt, so right now I’m going to spend a while playing catch-up on my blogs. You’ll be getting a lot of strangely non-sequitur seeming replies to comments you posted back in August, if you have posted comments.

If you are the sort to tolerate excuses, I’ve been working my tail off trying to get ahead of student loans which start in three weeks. The bad news is that I really haven’t gotten anywhere yet. The good news is, I’ve been offered a promotion to full-time. The bad news is, that means I’ll be working the busiest department in Macy’s 35+ hours a week during the most magical time of the year. Wish me luck.

I’ve also taken on a gym membership, which I will address in another blog entry, because that was kind of a funny story.

And finally, I’ve been watching Smallville. Tom Welling. Swoon.


Just to let you know.

22 Jul

Zoya Pixie Dust nail polish in Liberty. Oh. My. God. Go buy it. It’s gorgeous. I’m so in love. I’m probably going to get another bottle before they’re discontinued. Because oh my god. So sparkly. And so matte. And so amazingly pretty, I can’t stop looking at my nails.

Nail Polish. Just. Nail Polish.

21 Jul

Some might say that I have an addictive personality. This is a lie, because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I’ll have you know, that I only have 97 polishes, and that’s INCLUDING top/base coats!

I got super excited last night. I can’t be spending money on these things anymore–but my last true impulse purchase came in the mail. Three little Zoya beauties, by the names of Ivy, Cheryl, and… (Dramatic Pause)… Liberty! Yes, Liberty, the beautiful blue Pixie Dust shade that they recently did a promo on. Including shipping, I spent $15 on these three polishes–still a steal, considering, but also more than I’ve spent on polish since I dropped $62 for the China Glaze Hunger Games collection.

Usually, I get cheaper polishes. That’s what made the hobby so addicting in the first place; I could go and for $4 indulge myself in a new color. I know how much each of my brands usually cost, so it wouldn’t be hard to calculate how much my collection is worth–but I don’t want to, because it’d probably be several months worth of rent, and that just won’t fly, knowing that right now.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret a single one. They’re all lovely, and I don’t just use them on my nails. (Whaaat?)

When I finally get around to posting pictures somehow, I will have to add the pile of USB drives (another addiction) which are colored with nail polishes. I’ve got a neat one that I put a black crackle over yellow on, plus my Minecraft one, which has a personal favorite: Blue Funk (Studio M), which, when on, looks very Tardis-y.

As I was saying, though–I got super excited. Not just because my Zoya colors came in, but because I went ahead and purchased a few nail color swatch rings; the kind you look at color samples on by holding them against your nail? They were only $3, so I feel okay with that, especially since I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize and swatch everything forever. I’m still deciding how I’m going to do it–grouped by color or brand?? Maybe I’ll do them all twice and cross-reference the swatches with an index card catalog! (I have a problem…)

If You’ll Indulge Me A Moment; A Rant

20 Jul

I find it unlikely that the sort of people who are guilty of the herein mentioned crimes are ones to frequent quirky little fashion blogs, but just in case, I’d like to take a moment to talk about shopping at large retail outlets. Small ones, too, for that matter, but I’m talking big department stores right now.

I have seen grown women ignore posted ‘Six items only, please’ signs, take twenty garments into a dressing room, and leave all but a single shirt, plus their hangers, on the floor, inside out. They then proceed to argue over the price of the shirt, demanding coupons and extra discounts, before eventually leaving without it, because they’ll “come back when it’s on sale, so can you hold it until Saturday?”

I wish I was exaggerating.

The rack for returned items is on your way out of the fitting rooms, how difficult is it to carry it that far? Even before working retail myself, I made sure things were right-side-out and on their hangers, before placing them on the returns rack. It never took me more than a minute; I thought it was just common decency? Evidently not.

I think I’d love working at a little boutique, where there is one of each size on the rack, and everything else is kept in back, so you have to communicate with an associate to try on something, instead of throwing over the clearance bin and leaving the sales floor an utter wreck.

It’s not “retail” that is the problem. I like fashion. I like working with clothes. I love helping customers find good outfits for whatever they need: work, wedding, parties, etc. God help me, I even like straightening the racks. But, I could do that more happily somewhere where customers aren’t mostly jerks trying their luck with expired coupons and such. Of course, I don’t really want to work somewhere I can’t afford the clothes I’m selling, but at retail wage, that’s mostly everywhere anyway.

My point is, retail workers work hard for very little money. I’m not asking you to do their job for them; they ARE getting paid to sort, fold, hang, and ring purchases, after all. I’m just asking that people get shown a little respect.

Alrighty, stepping off my soapbox. Back to your regularly scheduled blog feed!