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Little Early for a ‘White After Labor Day’ Complaint, but…

14 Jul

Last year, anticipating looking hot and wandering around like I was the queen of the world, I bought a pair of white skinny jeans.

I never wore them…

Well, I’m wearing them today, with a grey embellished flutter top and a lace camisole, and I look phenomenal, if I do say so myself. As I was getting dressed, though, most of my ideas involved sweaters and fall/winter colors. I’m going to be breaking all the rules this year, because the best outfit I can imagine with these, involves my favorite brown fall sweater.

You’re thinking, “Brown and white? Really?” Oh yes. And throwing in some olive green and beige, too. It’ll work, and I’ll pull it off like a boss.

Just… not in this 90°F weather!