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Silver linings. (Or, you know, silk ones.)

8 Mar

One of the wonderful things about losing your job is that you are even more pressured to curb your useless spending.

One of the wonderful things about hunting for a new job is new work clothes!

The overlap here falls under the tragic venn-diagram lens of “everything terrible and great in life all at once.” Hush, I’m not great at metaphors.

In any case, thrift stores are, as always, my best friends. I picked up a lovely red silk shirt and a black suit jacket for $10 together. Yup. SILK shirt. I now own three of them, although I need to fix the buttons on one. I feel so luxurious, all that silk in my wardrobe. One is even Ralph Lauren. And none was more than $5 in thrift stores!

That’s justifiable, right?


…I have a problem…


Lives Rearrange Themselves, and “Pulling a Kat”

7 Mar

It’s been four months now since I last posted here, and for that I am somewhat remorseful. It’s been an eventful couple of months, which have culminated in a massive change for me. I’ve gone from a full-time retail associate to a part-time temp, which carries all of the emotional and financial burdens of a decent chunk of pay lost. I’ve been scrambling to get myself back on track, which leaves little time for frivolity like makeup and fancy clothes.

I’m getting back, slowly. My cousin/roommate (it works out better than some people might suggest) has a thing she does, and we laugh at her for it all the time. We might come home at seven at night and find her with her makeup sprawled all over her desk, getting dolled up, hair and everything. And when we ask what hot date she’s got, she shrugs.

“I just felt like it,” she says. She has to wash it off two hours later, with nobody but herself witnessing the (often very elaborate) face and up-do.

But it makes her feel good. And as our other roommate and myself have discovered, it works.

The other day, after my last day at my first temp job, I was anxious, wondering when I’d get the next one, where my next paycheck would come from, and whether I should be looking at other job ads again. So I walked into my bathroom and started putting on fresh foundation. Around eight at night, the tables were turned–Kat walks in to find me with bright eyeshadow, wide, winged eyeliner, and briliantly red lipstick. “Where are you going?” she asked.

“Nowhere,” I said, grinning. “I’m just pulling a ‘you.'”

“It works, doesn’t it?!”

Yes. Yes it did.