Looking Good in the Good-Looking Clothes

4 Oct

Recently, I joined a gym. I had always been envious of my old roommate and her friends, whom all were toned and svelte. I’m not chunky by any means, but there’s a (much) less-than-flat stomach that I am often self-conscious about, especially when I’m out with them.

So, I asked her for the address of her gym, and joined up. I’ve gone six times in the last three weeks, and I’m sore as heck. As I sit and, fifteen minutes into my elliptical workout, when I wind up completely winded, I watch my friends carry on with their workout for another hour and fifteen minutes, including treadmills, circuit machines, and ab floor work. I get exhausted just watching them, and sort of gape as they pull out the free weights, do push-ups, crunches, lunges, bicycles, and all sorts of other crazy moves to tone everything up.

I spent a lot of time once upon a time being jealous of these girls who seemed to never do anything. Turns out, they just do it at six in the morning while their less-in-shape friends gaze in horrified awe while they sweat on the elliptical, feeling like they’re not getting anywhere in comparison.


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