If You’ll Indulge Me A Moment; A Rant

20 Jul

I find it unlikely that the sort of people who are guilty of the herein mentioned crimes are ones to frequent quirky little fashion blogs, but just in case, I’d like to take a moment to talk about shopping at large retail outlets. Small ones, too, for that matter, but I’m talking big department stores right now.

I have seen grown women ignore posted ‘Six items only, please’ signs, take twenty garments into a dressing room, and leave all but a single shirt, plus their hangers, on the floor, inside out. They then proceed to argue over the price of the shirt, demanding coupons and extra discounts, before eventually leaving without it, because they’ll “come back when it’s on sale, so can you hold it until Saturday?”

I wish I was exaggerating.

The rack for returned items is on your way out of the fitting rooms, how difficult is it to carry it that far? Even before working retail myself, I made sure things were right-side-out and on their hangers, before placing them on the returns rack. It never took me more than a minute; I thought it was just common decency? Evidently not.

I think I’d love working at a little boutique, where there is one of each size on the rack, and everything else is kept in back, so you have to communicate with an associate to try on something, instead of throwing over the clearance bin and leaving the sales floor an utter wreck.

It’s not “retail” that is the problem. I like fashion. I like working with clothes. I love helping customers find good outfits for whatever they need: work, wedding, parties, etc. God help me, I even like straightening the racks. But, I could do that more happily somewhere where customers aren’t mostly jerks trying their luck with expired coupons and such. Of course, I don’t really want to work somewhere I can’t afford the clothes I’m selling, but at retail wage, that’s mostly everywhere anyway.

My point is, retail workers work hard for very little money. I’m not asking you to do their job for them; they ARE getting paid to sort, fold, hang, and ring purchases, after all. I’m just asking that people get shown a little respect.

Alrighty, stepping off my soapbox. Back to your regularly scheduled blog feed!


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