Hair-Raising Adventures! (Not really.)

17 Jul

The title would be a funnier pun if I was talking about rabbits. Instead, good-old hair! One of the things I will never change about myself (again, since I did so once and hated it) is my hair. Six years ago, it was down well past my waist, approaching classical (bottom of buttocks) length. Because of a boy, I chopped it first to mid-back, then to shoulder length (And had enough to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program each time). I hated it, and am again letting it grow out. I’m back to mid-back, mercifully blessed with relatively fast-growing hair.

Nevertheless, I abuse my poor hair, and it is miraculous that it cooperates with me as well as it does. I generally dye my hair every few months with a semi-permanent color (Natural Instincts, in Spiced Tea or Amber Shimmer, depending on the season). It’s obviously not good for it, but when red goes better with my skin tone than dishwater blonde, who am I to argue?

Because of this, I spend an inordinate amount of money on conditioners, and I must say; Aussie’s Three-Minute Miracle is amazing. Literally, the best once-a-week deep conditioner for the price, and I recommend it to anyone who wants an occasional extra conditioning boost for thier hair, long or short. It’s thick, stays in your hair until you rinse it out, and leaves it super silky, for around $4 a bottle (which gives me anywhere from 15-20 treatments).

That’s my little plug for the day. I just thought of it as I was showering this morning (Since it’s Super Conditioner Day today), and thought I’d share, in case any of you might find it helpful 🙂


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