The Clothes-Whore’s Worst Nightmare…

12 Jul

It’s probably about time to clean out my closet.

I recently moved into a new apartment. Far from the magnificent walk-in closet of my old apartment’s master bedroom, I traded the largest closet in the apartment for the bathroom. That’s how my former nine feet of hanging space abruptly became three. I’ve mitigated the issue by folding my t-shirts and pants, instead of hanging them, but when most of my clothes are dresses and blouses, that’s only delaying the inevitable.

The hardest part will be giving up some of my favorite clothes–the ones that don’t fit anymore. I have already relegated four of my favorite blouses, two dresses, and my only three pairs of slacks, to the donate pile. I was lucky enough to lose thirty pounds while I was studying abroad a few years ago, and I hadn’t really done anything except buy smaller clothes since. I still wear a lot of the things that used to fit when I was bigger, and especially blouses and dresses, I just don’t fill out anymore. I love them–the colors and styles–but I need to move on and pray that I never need the larger sizes again.

I have at least five wardrobes now: my retro/40’s-70’s wardrobe, my punk/rock/goth wardrobe, my steampunk wardrobe, my bohemian/preppy wardrobe, and more recently my work wardrobe–which is all black, but not in a way that I can properly combine it with my goth clothes (alas).

Being as unwilling as I am to give any of my styles up, but needing to severely cull everything I have, is going to take its toll. But I’m going to have to downsize once again in about ten months, so I had better get a move on…


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